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Activities around the Film Language

During their growth young people orient themselves on role models of their environment: parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teacher etc.

With the appearance of film in the cinema and the television, which represents an expression of our society, a new dimension of role models have come along, which meanwhile took a considerable space in the socialization of growing young people.

New technical possibilities of the reproducer such as computer, iPad, iPhone and the skills of young people to handle them, facilitate the access to moving pictures at any time.

To support and accompany children's and adolescents, their parents as well as teachers in a creative and critical handling of movies, I offer film mediation. Depending on the shape of the occasion, these activities are  realized by me or in collaboration with a film director. The objective is to  explore the language of existing film productions as well as to get to know the cinematic techniques, to be able to express oneself with moving images. In this context the children's ideas are standing in the foreground.

Film mediation for children and adolescents:

- Development pilot project “Media-Images-Communication: From Peer to Peer”, Secondary School Lachenzelg, Zurich, Nov 2012- June 2013

- Media work on the occasion of the project week “50 years Riedhof-Pünten”, Riedhof-Pünten School, Zurich, 3.6.-7.6.2013, June/July 2013

- Supervision of some children screenings at Zurich Filmfestival 26.9.-6.10.2013

- Supervision film screenings at “The magic Lanterne”, Zurich, October 2013 - June 2014

- Film mediation workshops at "Kinder Kino Lila", Gemeinschaftzentrum Höngg, Zurich, since May 2014 (Press article)

  ---> more informations under

- Project "Children make cinema" in cooperation with the community center Höngg, Zurich, since September 2014

  ---> current program available via

- "Painting films, reading films" Project week "Respect" in cooperation with createdindust, Primary School Riedhof-Pünten, Zurich, 11.6.2015

Information sessions for parents and teachers:

- “Television/Cinema: Entertainment or Excessive demand?”, Primary School Riedhof-Pünten, Zurich, Nov 2012

- "Do images impact? - Images impact!", Chasa Puntota, Scuol, 16.4.2016


- "A Model for Teacher Training to Improve Students' 21st Century Skills in Online and Blended Learning: An Approach from Film Education ". In: Ostashewski, Nathaniel/ Howell, Jennifer/ Cleveland-Innes, Martha (Ed.): Optimizing K-12 Education Through Online and Blended Learning. Canada, Juli 2016.